Quebec – important victory, however partial it may be

27 september, 2012

donderdag 27 september 2012

Written for my Libcom blog/ geschreven voor mijn  Libcom blog.

In Quebec, Canada, an impressive student struggle, connected to protests against attacks on civil liberties has ended in a partial, but bnevertheles impiortant, victory. There is reason to learn lessons, but also tyo chelebrate and to be inspired. Let’s shout it from the rooftops, as a sign of more to come. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

From Greece, coming to a place near you…?

16 september, 2012

zondag 16 september 2012

Onderstaand artikel schreef ik voor mijn blog op, waar het al staat.

Sometimes one reads a piece of news that should set the alarm bells of working class militants, anarchists, communists ringing loud and clear – should, but somehow doesn’t. That strange mismatch between alarming news and an almost total lack of outrage struck me after I read reports that creditor institutions involved in the Greek bailout/ imposed austerity programme want to impose a hugely longer working hours as a precondition for another bailout. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Talking ‘bout a revolution?

16 augustus, 2012

16 augustus 2012

Geschreven voor mijn blog op, waar het al staat

The Syrian events are a challenge for both left wing party people and revolutionaries. Part of the confusion, however, is related to matters of definition, choice of words and what they mean. One such word is ‘revolution’. Does it apply? And if so, what does that mean? Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Syria, imperialism and the Left (3)

13 augustus, 2012

Derde deel van mijn serie over Syrië, al geplaatst op Libcom.

There is a third position on the Syrian events: opposition to Assad and to Western interference. This position also is unsatisfactory in its way to positive account of the revolt. Third and final part on this series. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Syria, imperialism and the left (2)

11 augustus, 2012

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Deel twee van mijn Syrië-drieluik, eerder verschenen op

Some people on the moderate but also the Trotskyist-influenced left defend not only the Syrian revolt, but also, sadly, find Western intervention against Assad quite acceptable. Second part of a three-part series. Lees de rest van dit artikel »

Syria, imperialism and the left (1)

10 augustus, 2012

vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

Sinds kort doe ik, op eigen verzoek, een blog op , iets waar ik best trots op ben want het is een favoriete site van me. Inmiddels heb ik daar een drieluik geplaatst over Syrië. Hieronder deel één, op 8 augustus daar al verschenen.

A debate is taking place in left wing and radical circles about the Syrian revolt, what side to take, what to think about Western intervention against the Assad regime. Part one of a three-part series. Lees de rest van dit artikel »